How do we manage these super fast turnarounds?

It’s a combination of a few things. Our knowledge, skill, render power and working to a strict criteria. A carefully planned and well executed walk-through project takes discipline from the IMAGINARIANS and you, the customer.

A quick turnaround walk-through requires thought and a well considered design specification.


Monday (Day 1)
White Model Service – the first day is all about the architecture and camera paths. We aim to get these signed off at the end of day one.

Tuesday (Day 2)
AM – You sign off the white models and agree on the camera paths. PM – We start to add lighting and texture. By the end of the day, we will send you every 100th frame and a preview camera path.

Wednesday (Day 3)
Overnight it’s you can critic what we’ve sent. AM – We take your observations and prepare the next set of images. By the end of the day, you will receive another set of renders.

Thursday (Day 4)
Revision three – By now we should almost be there. As long as the changes and refinements are nominal, then we’re still on track to deliver.

Friday (Day 5)
Final revisions – Time to sign off the look and feel. Then we will start to prepare for rendering.

Saturday (Day 6)
Render time – Day 1

Sunday (Day 7)
Render time – Day 2

Monday (Day 8)
Post Production – It’s time to create the final animation. We will add the titles, music and away we go!