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Meet Liam Morgan

Our new graphic design lead and welcomed member of the team.

Liam has recently joined us as Senior Graphic Designer and has merged from a successful freelance brand to a full-time employee. Liam has a plethora of projects under his belt, and his ability to work as ambitious creative has been built on the foundations of his freelance career over the past 5 years. Understanding the market and how to manage clients and projects will transition perfectly into Do Digital, and will help us grow as an ambitious creative agency and diversify our offering and client base. Liam has a strong presence online and especially within the construction sector, meaning we can harness his history and reputation and grow together, reaching new goals and taking a bigger step into the arena. 

Creatively restless and obsessed with all things creative.

Liam has been a creative designer professionally for 5 years, but his passion for art and design has been with him since a very young age. He has always practiced and admired art through various mediums, and will always have admiration for the creative world and the processes that make things visually appealing. 

‘‘As long as I can remember I have always been obsessed about design, My late grandfather would teach me how to draw in perspective and I could stay in all day and just draw castles and cars, My early years I was an avid skateboarder, and with that I was part of a creative culture, which shaped who I am today”

How Liam will help us and his role in the company.

We really want to utilise Liam’s experience and portfolio to actively grow our creative department. He will be hands-on as a designer and produce quality and engaging work, but will also help with business development, seeking new clients, and using his portfolio to reach out to new customers. His Freelance business ROCK + BEAU has been merged with us, as a pool of talent. We acquired his portfolio to assist with our next moves as a creative agency. Liam has a vast portfolio of Brand Identities, UX design, Websites and content design, and you will slowly start to see this work showcased on our website under the Do Digital Brand. We wish Liam all the best with his journey with us, and we look forward to helping him grow as a designer. 

A snippet of what's to come from Liam

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