Design should work hard to communicate what’s special about you, connecting with your target audience.

Creating a visual identity for your 3D collateral goes far beyond just designing a logo. A well-thought-out approach means we’ll know exactly what your visual brand needs to achieve and we will deliver the right results.

Our thinking will bring a 3D model & brand to life. We start with a concept, mood boards, photographs, words, sketches and scribbles, and turn them into fully realised ideas. These can then be woven throughout all your communications, interactive and imagery.

With a huge wealth of experience across brand creation and evolution, digital, imagery, interactive and print, our design studio can provide everything you need to engage with your customers, and make a statement about your brand. Combined this with a comprehensive 3d strategy and the result can be inspirational and focused.

Brand Architecture Review

Our Brand Architecture Review process gets to the heart of what you want to communicate.

We will be asking the simple questions and deciphering the complex answers.


Understanding your business objectives seems obvious. But grasping what you want to achieve and how will we know when we’ve achieved it, is fundamental to a successful project.

Looking at competitors to understand the marketplace we exist in allows us to carve our own niche and helps define what makes us different. We look at market forces, taking into account any trends that will impact business, from style to technology. We embrace the future today to gain an advantage.


Research into target markets, emerging 3D technologies keeps the end user at the forefront of our minds. We want to fully understand any issues so we can work out how best to solve them.

With our experience in 3D development, we look for any lessons learned that can provide a competitive advantage. We use technologies in different and innovative ways to create compelling content.

Harnessing the experience of your team across the organisation is a good way of engaging staff and gleaning valuable information about your business. By having an open and frank discussion, that should be seen as a meeting of equals, you often find the source of the personality of your business.


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