We not only build engaging interactive communication tools, but we bring them to life.

We consider user experience and use a harmonious and engaging user interface.

Good Ui design should work hard to be as intuitive as possible, communicate your brand, and make an immediate connection with your audience.

Creating a strong experience goes deeper than good design.

Understanding your user and what they are trying to achieve is paramount. Our strategic approach means we work to understand the objectives of the project. So, by the time we get to the design stage, we’ll know exactly what your design and Ui needs to achieve.

We’ll start with images, photographs, words, sketches, and scribbles, and turn them into fully realized experiences, which can then be woven throughout all your digital communications.

With a wealth of experience across brand development and interactive design, our design team can provide everything you need to engage with your customers.

That’s why we innovate, design and build experiences that are inspiring, immersive and exciting.


Developing a strong user experience and engaging user interface

UI and UX design

A user interface is often talked about in conjunction with user experience (UX), which includes screen layout, application architecture, response time and the content that is presented to the user within the context of the user interface. We believe a strategic approach to developing and understand what you what your users experience to be is the key to delivering a successful and captivating project.


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Visualiser - Light Rig

Our Visualiser Light Rig is a tool we’ve developed as a virtual photographic studio.

Upload your model to our online platform. Then craft your image with full control over fabrics and finishes, lighting and background colours. Create your own image that sits perfectly with your brand style or compliments your presentation and design scheme instantly.

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Thomas Lloyd

Configurators + Modelling + CGI

We worked with Sofa Sofa on their Thomas Lloyd range. Our team of modelers, coders, and interactive designers were asked to create a 3D configurator. This project required high-quality models as the basis for a dynamic interactive experience.

Our agile project process, in conjunction with our design development team, developed a look and feel that will enhance the user experience. We designed a unique and well-considered layout and interface, with animations and transitions.

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Marketing images + Animations + Modelling + Configurators

UHS are a forerunner in the global hospitality furnishing industry, continually inspiring, creating and finding ingenious and beautiful solutions for restaurants, bars and hotels.

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Marketing images + Animations

Bolin Webb design and manufacture grooming products for discerning individuals.

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