Meet Shannon. A graduate of our Do Academy, a work placement and now a full-time employee.

Welcome to team DoDA

Shannon is joining our CGI Image and Animation team. We’re proud to have been a key part of her professional development and to have her joining our expert team.

Shannon started her life with us via the DoAcademy. Then, as part of her degree course in Interior Design at the University South Wales, she had a full-time work placement with us for a year and became an integral part of our team.

Shannon has worked with us part-time whilst completing her final year of study and we’re thrilled she has accepted our offer of full-time employment to become a fully-fledged IMAGINARIAN.

The Do Academy

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Shannon Matthews

Attending the Do Academy has been hugely beneficial for my career. The team here are very passionate about what they do, which has helped develop my CGI knowledge significantly in a relatively short period of time.

After a work placement, I was delighted to be offered full-time employment at DO. I’m always learning about 3D applications thanks to DO’s constant evolution, so my training and personal development are continuing to grow.