So what does it do?

Guide your guests on a virtual tour by replicating screen tours on theirs, or theirs on yours (providing you grant them permission) or even take turns in controlling the environment and guide each other through the space.

Live guided tours are fully responsive, meaning you can access the tour on desktop, mobile and tablets. Your guests can access the tour on any device they wish.

The host can highlight areas of interest in real-time pointing to embedded content such as videos, imagery, 3D viewers and configurators providing the overall experience to be unforgettable and truly inspirational.

Guests can follow the host on the tour, have free reign to explore the space or even ask to control the tour themselves – perfect for revisiting parts of the tour or asking questions about specific areas.

It’s more than just a screen share

Live guided tours are more than just replicating a screen with the added conference call functionality. They are a great way to communicate with your clients, colleagues and more so that everyone can follow, navigate and control the tour at any given time.

Tours can be accessed at any time – even if there is no conference in place so you or your clients have the ability to free roam spaces in your own time as well as having a host show you around a space – perfect for personalised presentations to clients and giving them something to take away that they can use in their own time.

The user interface of the tour can be fully branded for you or your clients so it feels part of your pitch or sales presentation.

Fancy a demo?

Get in touch to book a live demo where we can guide you round a live 360 space.