What is an online virtual showroom?

As the world adapts globally to more of an online presence we show you what can be achieved for immersive & interactive environments. Its called pixel streaming. We use the latest developments in gaming technology and live streaming to offer hassle-free, accessible, and dynamic presentations.

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What is pixel streaming?

Description courtesy of Unreal Engine

With Pixel Streaming, you run a packaged Unreal Engine application on a desktop PC or a server in the cloud, along with a small stack of web services that form part of the Unreal Engine. People connect using any modern Web browser on their platform of choice, whether desktop or mobile and stream the rendered frames and audio from the Unreal Engine application. No plugins, apps or installations.

It’s just like streaming a video from YouTube or Netflix — except that users can also interact with the application using a keyboard, mouse, touch input or even custom user interface as part of the integration.

How do we see Pixel Streaming working for you?

We believe pixel streaming is the future of architectural presentations, commercial interior pitches & online manufacturers showrooms. A web-based real-time presentation platform. Apples ‘Arcade‘ and Googles ‘Stadia‘ illustrates the future of real-time 3D and online immersive entertainment. Realtime presentations have established themselves in the architectural, design & build and property sector.

We call it SoDA.suite live and as part of your SoDA.suite concession, we’re offering a web-based and remote presentation platform. No downloads, plugins it just works.

Online Virtual Showrooms

Imagine taking your online customers on a fully immersive and interactive showroom tour. Whether it’s a digital representation of your existing showroom and a fictional space the possibilities are endless. Consider realtime insitu configurators, interactive products, demos and 121 consultations.

Online Explorable Design Schemes

Our live streaming immersive architectural environments can now be explored online in realtime. As part of your overall proposal, this remote and highly effective & assessable presentation platform has limitless possibilities. Customers can explore and fully understand your architectural and design proposals. Take them on a journey of discovering in a 121 consultation or tour. Go anywhere instantly. Offer your customer follow up remote consultations adding more value and substance to your pitch presentations.

What are the main considerations?

As with most emerging technologies, we believe there are a few things to consider.

Any immersive experience online is only as good as the content and user experience.

Bandwidth, streaming any content live requires substantial bandwidth and the experience may vary based on your download and upload speeds.

Hardware and running considerations, we have three options for you to consider. They depend on your overall needs and aspirations. The more people who require access at the same time the higher the associated running costs can be. So what are they? Estimated costs only, reference only.

  1. Local Server, a fit for purpose dedicated PC that runs the application 24-7 out of your office. Live to the world. Free to run, you just need the kit.
  2. Pay as you go sever, accessing a service provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS) when required and billed by the minute. Estimate: £2.00 per minute
  3. Remote server 24-7, limitless servers running multiple instances of your presentation. It can be expensive depending on the size of your audience. Estimate: £1500.00 per month. 4-5 instances/users at any one time.

Presentation by appointment, you might want to consider a more targetted approach. This will allow your optimise your server time and preserve bandwidth.

There’s so much to tell you we created a dedicated brochure website. This will help you understand SoDA.suite in more detail.

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