The Chocolate Factory, often known locally as ‘Elizabeth Shaw’ or ‘Packers’

The chocolate factory is the much anticipated redevelopment of the former chocolate and confectionary site in the heart of Greenbank, BS5. Bringing new homes, workspace, retail and a community hub to enhance the already vibrant neighbourhood of Greenbank this exciting regeneration brings back to life the buildings that once made some of the world’s favourite chocolates.

This project is a perfect demonstration of SoDA.suite potential. Soda.suite is a touch screen, remote & interactive digital presentation suite that showcases & sells architecture, interior design schemes, digital photoshoots & manufacturers showrooms. As realtime interactive technology developed by the gaming industry develops so does our ability to harness it potential. We truly believe the developments by the likes of Unreal Engine are the future of industry and we created the prefect platform to showcase its power. Whether it be a physical presence in any showroom online streaming the possibilities are endless.

So How does the process work?

The process is the same as traditional CGI & Animation creation & procurement. We build the entire scene/building with the added benefits realtime gaming software & technology.

The result, total freedom.