A project for Estilo Interiors.

The brief: Estilo required a 1:30 minute animated walkthrough for one of their client, Freeths.

The power of SODA.suite has been perfectly demonstrated in this 30’000 sq ft commercial project. The brief was to use the key features and benefits of SODA to illustrate the scale and design features of this large scale office environment. As part of a carefully orchestrated pitch presentation, SODA.suite’s use of game engine technology was the perfect way to impress potential customers.

The Results: Cinematic Walkthrough

Immersive Environment, freedom to walk anywhere.


Our understanding of real-time technology has given us the flexibility to create immersive real-time presentations. I firmly believe that this technology is the future of our industry. It offers an increased understanding of the 3D collateral and instant results. 

Darren Crockett, Managing Director, Do Digital Agency

What Can SODA.suite do?

+ Freedom to walk anywhere

+ 4K Infinite Renders Instantly

+ Virtual Reality

+ 360 Spaces

+ Configurable & Interactive Components

+ Cinematic Presentation Playback

+ Touch screen

+ Embedded Floor Plans & Imagery

+ Preset Hero Location Shots