Thinking Works began in 1984 as the first designer and manufacturer of height-adjustable desks in Australia.

They quickly established themselves as the commercial furniture company who combined exceptional quality with ingenious creativity, creating furniture for the curious.

We have worked with them to develop photo-real CGI imagery to showcase their products in-line with their new brand identity for the launch of their new website. In order to create imagery that seamlessly matched existing product photography, we developed a whole new workflow – digital photo-shoots.

New brand imagery for Thinking Works

“As leaders in creating commercial furniture that combines exceptional quality with ingenious creativity, Do Digital Agency were the ideal company to partner with to create 3D collateral for the launch of our new brand and website.

The launch coincided with the release of two new products which were photographed in the new brand style. The problem for us was that we had more than a dozen existing product ranges that needed to be shown in the same brand style for our new website and promotional material. The cost to re-photograph all our product ranges was way outside our budget, so we called on Do Digital to create CGI’s of our products to match the new photographic style. This not only saved cost, but it also saved resources and time. Whilst they worked in the UK, we slept in Australia – their customer service and quick turnarounds have enabled us to meet our deadlines and demand for curious furniture.”

Dean Kuch, Managing Director, Thinking Works


3D Modeling

Build your 3D Library

We think of our CGI artists as virtual photographers and videographers, model makers and set builders, lighting experts and designers. Whatever you want to create, our team have the skills to make it appear real.

Our detailed understanding of the rules of photography informs our sensational photo-real virtual imagery, as well as our arresting animation.