We worked with a leading sofa manufacturer on their Thomas Lloyd range. Our team of modellers, coders, and interactive designers were asked to create a 3D configurator. This project required high-quality models as the basis for a dynamic interactive experience.

Our agile project process, in conjunction with our design development team, developed a look and feel that will enhance the user experience. We designed a unique and well-considered layout and interface, with animations and transitions.

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If you’re looking for a dynamic configurator then look no further. We have created the most comprehensive and dynamic 3D configurators and visualisers there are.

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Picture perfect shaders


A shader is an industry word for the material we place on a 3D model, which contains colours maps, bump maps, and reflection maps.

The Thomas Lloyd configurator required a series of shaders to reflect the products material attributes. Our team refined the finishes with the client, 17 finishes made up of three specific colours, reflective and bump properties. Our 3D scans, combined with the physical material samples, were analysed and the shaders were adjusted accordingly.

Modelling creation

The demand for 3D models is higher than ever. Don’t get left behind.

If your product isn’t available in 3D in some cases you won’t be visualised or specified. Our visuals are a precise interpretation of the design concept and are used for selling to the market.


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Our animation skills will help to illustrate your product in a dynamic and informative way. As part of your creative process for a project, an animation can add value and inform your target audience in a way static visuals can not.

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Marketing Imagery

Marketing Imagery

Work closely with us to create truly crafted images.

With the assistance of our Creative Director, we can help deliver a well-considered series of images that reflect your brand intentions or architectural aspirations.

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“The task of being able to visualise and render Thomas Lloyd furniture as realistically as possible in 3D and to enhance the customer experience online is not an easy one. We approached it with a degree of apprehension. Our fears were soon put aside. From our initial meetings, it was clear that Do Digital ‘got it’. The whole process, from initial product and leather scans, through to accurately detailed full 360 models and configurator, was made as painless as possible by the proactive approach and professionalism of the Do Digital team.”

Russel Jones, Creative Director