‘Soda.suite is a touch screen digital display suite that showcases and sells architectural & interior design schemes’

So How does the process work?

The process is the same as traditional CGI & Animation creation & procurement. We build the entire scene/building with the added benefits realtime gaming software & technology.

The result, total freedom.

So what does SODA.suite do?

  • Freedom to walk anywhere
  • 4K Infinite Renders Instantly
  • Virtual Reality
  • 360 Spaces
  • Configurable & Interactive Components
  • Cinematic Presentation Playback
  • Touch screen
  • Embedded Floor Plans & Imagery
  • Preset Hero Location Shots

To coincide with the introduction of our latest developments in interactive and immersive technologies, SODA. We’ve put together the hardware you require to deliver a seamless pitch & marketing presentation.

For a moderate rental fee you can get the following delivered to your next presentation:

  • 55′ Touch Screen Display
  • Highend PC & Graphics Card
  • Oculus Virtual Reality Headset.
  • Game Controller
  • One of the team members close-by just in case you need our help.

So rest assured your presentation will go smoothly and won’t be forgotten.

Interested? Drop us a line… Say [email protected]