Does your product imagery need updating to promote your social distancing solutions?

The workplace is changing and we’re all looking to update the workspace for social distancing. So does your product imagery need updating? We give you a few options to consider.


What is social distancing?

Social distancing measures are steps you can take to reduce social interaction between people. This will help reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

As the workplace learns to adapt to social distancing we offer our customers a new service. Let us take your existing product photography and add your latest developments and designs to promote social distancing. As more and more manufacturers are developing new solutions and require imagery quickly we can upgrade your imagery and convince your audience that your products already exist and look great.


Two options for you to consider.

Update your existing CGI’s.

Whether or not you’ve used us before or another 3d studio for your portfolio renders now is the time to update your renders. Consider whether or not you can gain access to the original 3d files and textures and we’ll do the rest. Consider your existing 3D scenes in your library you have with us. We don’t delete anything and our comprehensive archiving means we may well have your projects to hand.

Let us adapt them to illustrate your proposals for social distancing.

Update your existing photography.

It’s called photo montaging. We take your existing photography and seamlessly superimpose your products into them. Add high-level screens to a desking system. Add free-standing screen to open-plan spaces and consider adding way finders that illustrate social distancing measures. We believe the cost savings can be significant and negate the need for new photography and re-shoots. With the added benefit of working remotely, effectively, and quickly.

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