How do we create amazing furniture renders?

Take a look at our ‘behinds the scenes’ images from one of our latest digital photo shoots.

We have created a complete digital studio that replicates the set of a real-life photoshoot, including the lights, cameras and infinite backdrops. Allowing us to create stunning digital photography. The result, photo-real imagery without the expense or logistics of real-world photo shoot.

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What does it take?

Here are just a few of the considerations we make when create hyper photo-real furniture imagery and animations:

+ Real life lighting scenarios
+ High-quality texture maps
+ High-resolution outputs
+ Highly detailed 3D models

The Benefits

We can save you money, giving you the ability to have a whole range of outputs.

We use photo-real CGI techniques to create hero product shots and replace the need for a traditional style photoshoot. Why not use this style of CGI for product close-ups and videos too? We can even help you match your CGI to an existing studio photo so that both old and new products have the same styling.

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