What is a 3D strategy and how can it work for you?

We have been developing and understanding how 3D collateral affects businesses since 2007. Our unique consultancy style approach to your use of 3D will give you a comprehensive 3D-based business strategy. A strategy based on advanced 3D technology leverages market differentiation, enhances customer engagement, and optimizes operational excellence. This approach enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing market.

We combine business strategy with 3D based skills.

Everything we do is insightful, meaningful, and results-driven.

We have been developing and understanding how 3D collateral affects businesses for over 15 years.

Our unique consultancy style approach to your use of 3D will give you a comprehensive 3D strategy.

The use of 3D models and 3D applications is increasing and we believe every business should consider 3D as a part of their operating strategy and marketing campaigns. By working with us, you will gain a greater understanding of 3D in all of its forms and we will help you decide the best approach for your business.

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We build 3D strategies and services to help businesses grow.

It’s about evaluation, understanding, education, implementation, and reflection. These key considerations make the basis of delivering 3D strategies.

Stage 1: Pre Evaluation

Why have you considered using 3D now? What expectation do you have? Have you ever used 3D before?

+ We will find out how your business responds to customer requests for 3D-related collateral.
+ We evaluate your CGI and 3D collateral currently in the public domain.
+ We audit a sample of your 3D models, in all its’ forms.
+ We check your website: traffic, device demographic, and platforms.
+ Pre-evaluation questions and answer survey.

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Stage 2: Understanding

How do you use 3D in your business?

+ What are the individual requirements for 3D within your business?
+ How do these requirements cross-pollinates pollinate or overlap in departments?
+ How do you handle image creation and requests?
+ How do you use 3D in your marketing collateral and social media?

Our Boston Matrix will help us understand which application and technology best suit your business and your customers’ requirements.

We will help you with:

+ 3rd party suppliers; what they can offer, the relevance and quality of their collateral.

+ Models; 3D outputs, mesh auditing, quad levels, poly counts, file formats, and levels of detail.

+ Your marketing strategy and brand alignment, relating to all things 3D.

+ Your infrastructure, software, and hardware.

+ Defining your company’s aspirations and existing workflows.

+ Understanding your departments and how 3D can work for them.

+ Your 3D abilities, frustrations, bottlenecks, wish lists, and desires.

+ Your key requirements, what are you missing?

+ The best modeling for your needs: BIM, ICF, or Revit?

+ How can CGI, The Visualiser, and MODE help your business?

Stage 3: Education

You will leave inspired and ready to explore further.

At DoDa we hold 3D discovery workshops. During the workshop, you will be immersed in cutting-edge 3D technologies and their applications.
We will explore VR Headsets, photo-realistic imagery, augmented reality, 3D printing, and much more. You can touch, play and experience to find out what fits your project, aspirations, and marketing plan best. We will demonstrate the commercial benefits of 3D to your business, answering the key questions:

+ How can 3D help sell my products?
+ How do we share our 3D models?
+ How do we expose our customers to our 3D collateral?


Stage 4: The Findings

Once we have compiled the findings, analyzed the data, and listened to your needs, we will present you with a results document that provides insight into how your business utilizes its 3D collateral. We will assess whether your models are suitable, ensure we offer the correct file formats, and explore how your customers can use your 3D collateral. Based on your requirements, we will provide suggestions on how your business should consider implementing new 3D applications.

start: Our list of initial tasks & suggestions will give you the perfect start.


+ We will provide you with key actions and considerations.

+ We will identify your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals regarding 3D technology.

+ We will identify specific projects and give you quick access to essential services, such as animations, model types, and outputs.

Stage 5: R&D Lab

Now that you have a better understanding of your 3D collateral and our 3D applications, you can dip your toe in our digital pond.

This is your chance to try out a few 3D applications and develop your potential offerings. Check those boxes and satisfy your curiosities. You can use our research and development team to create test pilots and samples. By creating specifically tailored samples utilising your products, the knowledge gained can be invaluable. This journey of discovery isn’t as expensive as you might think.


Our approach is simple: find good tech and harness its potential. We’re not creating new technologies, but effectively utilising existing applications for your business.

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Stage 5: Implementation


As a part of your 3D strategy, your staff’s involvement is paramount. They will be learning how to manipulate the 3D resources to drive sales, refining their presentation techniques, and finding new and potential customers with your 3D tools at their disposal.

Are you starting to think about the natural progression of your 3D collateral and applications? Consider a marketing campaign to promote your new collateral which may contain a few teaser animations, models, or videos.

Stage 6: Ongoing

We consider our engagement with you a continual process.

 As new technologies develop, so can your 3D strategy. Keep up with the competition by trying new things and creating more marketing material. There’s no doubt that technology and digital trends evolve quickly. It’s our commitment to keeping you up to date and in front of the curve.

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