Why should you choose DoDA? It’s more than an image, to us it’s a passion. Our goal is to create inspirational projects.

11 & 4, Need we say more?

Lifting up your heads

To ensure we are the best, we always communicate with our clients. We encourage our team to pick up the phone and understand your expectations and aspirations.

At 11am every day we start our informal meeting, making sure everyone has communicated with their clients. At 4pm it happens again. We make sure we ask the important questions and have the information required. This then enables our production managers to step in and help if needed.

Access, You can always contact us easily. There are so many IMAGINARIANS, there is always someone to speak to when you need them.

Our customers also have access to a vast amount of experience and knowledge. Teamwork and the ability to ask questions internally makes our team second to none.

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For us, it’s all about your journey.

What other factors should you consider when employing us?

3D applications are now a mainstream service industry and like all service-based companies, the customer experience is essential to securing work and growing a business.

So what do we do that makes your experience with us worthwhile?

Do Digital has many facets that help us deliver the best 3D related services around. It’s fair to say that traditionally 3D visualisers – particularly one man bands and small teams – struggle to manage clients, workloads and communicate effectively.

We have the team, key skills and processes that enable us to deliver the best.

How we will inspire you? More of 4.

1. Production Support

2. Reliability

Our production managers support our digital artists so that they can concentrate on the job at hand. They channel and filter information in both directions, chase clients for project details, establish deadlines and negotiate workloads. Allowing the IMAGINARIANS to create beautiful and inspiring work.

The consistency of our performance, but also consistency in the technology we use is important for you. Our business is built on trust and reliability. Repeat business is the bedrock of our success.

3. Commercial Awareness

4. Creative Direction

It’s in our DNA. We have been commercial designers. With our knowledge and experience, we truly understand the commercial realities and challenges you face daily, such as tight deadlines, and last minute changes. We know when to push back and when to knuckle down and deliver.

We know what makes a good image. The balance of composition, trends, lighting levels etc. We’re not afraid of offering our professional opinion. Also, is it good enough to send? It’s one of the most important questions we constantly ask before we send our work out the door.

Our people


Our team has a great place to work, in the IMAGINARIUM. We encourage regular breaks and a modern, open studio with inspiring views gives them the opportunity to flourish. Which means you benefit from their creative thinking. Our 121 suite is nestled in the middle of our studio. We invite you in to become an honorary IMAGINARIAN during your project delivery. By sitting with us and going through your project in detail, your project will be even better.

Need we say more? Our team is inspirational and our philosophy is too.

Let’s collaborate

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We’re a down-to-earth team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help like-minded companies to create exceptional projects.

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