Hosting, Maintenance & Content Aftercare

Hosting, Maintenance & Content Aftercare

Now that your project is live, what’s the next step? Ensuring secure and robust hosting and maintenance is paramount. Our tailored hosting and care plans provide simplicity and comprehensiveness, offering complete satisfaction, reassurance, and flexibility.

why hosting?

Website hosting is a service that allows individuals and organisations to make their websites and other online content accessible via the World Wide Web. Websites are stored or hosted on special computers called servers.

When someone types in your website’s domain name in their web browser, the hosting server delivers the website’s content to their device. Hosting providers offer various plans and features to accommodate different website needs, such as storage space, bandwidth, and security measures.

Choosing the right hosting plan ensures your website remains accessible and performs optimally for visitors.

This is a required service that we have to charge for.

Hosted items: websites, configurators, 3d product viewers, 360 tours and any other online content.

What happens if I don’t renew my hosting fee?

If a hosting fee is not paid we will look to turn this content off on our servers meaning it will no longer be accessible online. If you notice your content has gone down and you still need it, don’t worry! We will store this content locally for a further 3 months before it gets removed.

When is my hosting due for renewal?

All our online products come with some free hosting and maintenance included. We will send you a reminder 1 month before your hosting is due for renewal.

How often will I be charged for Hosting?

Hosting is billed on a repetitive basis either monthly or yearly as per the agreement. You will be charged perpetually. One months notice will be needed to cancel an upcoming renewal. We will meet with you and review your hosted content annually on at your request.

How much does a hosting package cost?

Prices vary per product. If you’re unsure how much your hosting fee is please contact us for a quote.

What if I have several hosted content purchases with you?

We will apply economies of scale for customers with multiple hostings and agree an updated price with you.

Website Aftercare Plans

We can maintain, host & secure your WordPress website.

Plan 1

On-off Website Maintenance:

  • One-Off Payment
  • Pay as you go
  • One task.
  • Fix a Broken Site
  • Simple copy or image change.
  • In house team

Plan 2

Intermittent Website Maintenance:

  • Subscription
  • Intermittent WordPress technical support.
  • 9-5 pm 5 days a week. Monday – Friday
  • 5 hours per month (Additional hours on request)
  • Fix a Broken Site
  • Simple copy or image change.
  • In house team

Plan 3

Instant Website Maintenance:

  • 3rd Party Subscription
  • Instant WordPress technical support.
  • 24-7, Unlimited Requests
  • Fix a Broken Site
  • Unlimited website tasks
  • And much more
  • 3rd party team

This service is delivered via

Please note: Our plans include visual tweaks and plugin customisation. Significant work such as redesigns, page builds, changing website functionality, or working through SEO reports are not included.

Auto-Renewal: Upon acceptance of this proposal, we’ll implement an auto-renewal system to guarantee uninterrupted services. An invoice will be generated automatically. Should you choose not to continue hosting or maintenance with us subsequently, we’ll issue a credit note and terminate your plan and hosting accordingly.

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