We have created the most comprehensive and dynamic 3D configurators and visualisers there are.

MODE Configurator

MODE is our off the shelf online configurator platform. An online 3D platform on a monthly subscription, you can utilise MODE with very little upfront costs. MODE is compatible with multiple devices so your customers can configure your products from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, at home, in-store or anywhere else.

It’s a dynamic system designed for your customers. A great tool for specifiers, procurers, and designers. MODE allows you to offer a comprehensive configuration tool, generate inquiries, and inspire your customers.

Bespoke Configurators

If our off the shelf configurator platform MODE is not right for you, then let our team design, develop, and create your own bespoke online configurator.

If you have a unique product which requires a tailored solution then our agile project process will give you the very best approach and understanding. First, we scope then we design, test, and implement.


Kirk Market Workstations

Agile Project Process

To efficiently build 3D products, we use Agile Development methods. We work in sprints, demonstrating completed work at the end of each two-week cycle.

We specialize in developing online and off-line applications through WebGL and Realtime, maintained by following robust coding practices that can be integrated into your website efficiently with the minimum hassle.

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The Visualiser

Our desktop visualiser tool. Our most comprehensive visualiser platform yet. A desktop visualiser that performs without the constraints of web browsers. The visualiser is the perfect tool for marketers and sales departments. Giving you full control of our lighting, material platform with complete flexibility.
Key features: Image backdrops, limitless colour options, view from any angle, move and rotate several lights, save the image, icon creator. With more features to follow.
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