Selling 3D Showrooms

preprared by darren crockett

Idea: Working with Thirdway Group via Tribe or ANO to offer their D&B 3d worlds as virtual photoshoots.

Partners: DoDa has been working with Thirdway for many years. During this time we have built together a huge array of 3d spaces.


We propose that we create together a business or route to market that offers these 3d spaces to product manufacturers.

Potential: We’re passionate about unlocking untapped potential and finding new revenue streams.


By synergising our expertise with your distinguished design pedigree and influential presence, we offer an irresistible proposition for manufacturers in the D&B related sector and even further afield.

What: These 3d spaces can be used for virtual photoshoots, cinematic backdrops, interactive experiences and more.

How: We promote all of the 3d spaces via an online library. Offer examples of the potential outputs. Then the normal rules of visualisation apply.



  • We have a huge amount of 3d worlds ready to go.
  • We have so much content creation potential to offer customers
  • Both organisations have experience within this field.
  • Tribes partners are the ideal customer base




  • Is the potential revenue stream big enough for Thirdway to consider our proposal?
  • How do we manage the customer journey, is DoDA white-labeled?
  • An open affiliation with a D&B company will threaten our relationships with other D&B companies for DoDA
  • If Tribe, does this contradict their company values of impartiality?



  • If approved, decide on a brand to promote it

  • Understand the customers’ sales process

  • Create the library

  • understand the financials

Thank you: Questions?

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