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Content Capture, Digital Harvesting, Limitless Content

If I told you I can give you limitless imagery, animations, 360 renders what would you say?


If I told you I can give you limitless imagery, animations, 360 renders what would you say?

Well know you can, all you need to do is to adopt our real-time services. AKA SoDA. We use the real-time engine Unreal creating photorealistic virtual worlds, configurable lighting, configurable materials, and digital camera rigs. These combine to give you total freedom of movement, fully customisable worlds and objects, and the ability to harvest as much content as you need.


Real-time Technology

Advances in real-time technology have now made this technology a viable consideration over and above traditional CGI. Why? It just looks amazing. There is no compromise in realism.

Virtual Worlds

Once a virtual world has been built then the fun starts. These virtual worlds have no boundaries or physics. So you can explore them from any perspective. These worlds can become collaborative online meeting or presentation spaces. Or just a better way of understanding your design proposals.

Configurable Lighting

Night to day, drama, highlighting, and now become part of the creation process. Lighting studies can be created and content based on the time of day can be harvested. Virtual showrooms lighting rigs and presets can add drama to a space, animation, and image.

Configurable Texture & Materials

Likewise explore colours schemes and materials finishes as part of the design process, content harvesting our customer engagement. This can help with customer buying and negate any room for ambiguity and misinterpretation. They can help all parties involved know exactly what they are purchasing.

Digital Camera Rigs

Our camera rigs can be basic or professional. Working with our team or content harvesters or by yourself the possibilities are endless. Our rigs act like real cameras. Depth of field, zoom, focal length, aperture width, and canvas sizes.

Our cinematic cameras can create real-time animations. These can then be exported to create animations that reflect any design, lighting, or material decisions you or your customer have made.

These are created instantly and can be saved directly to your project folders.

Homebuilders can also use these configurable environments to help home buyers design and understand their new homes. Digital content can be created and given to home buyers and help convert and close sales.


We truly believe that your adoption of our latest real-time technology will give you the freedom to explore more options, create more tailored content and create presentations full of rich mixed media.

Not enough?

In addition, you can use the real-time virtual worlds and create real-time tours and exploratory presentations. Let your customer control the journey. Understand every inch of the virtual space or design proposal. These worlds have additional benefits and opportunities. Your customers can also exploit these real-time virtual spaces in the same way. Let them use these world to create company updates and office inductions for example. These services make your proposition more attractive and more importantly help you stand out from the crowd with memorable digital experiences.


  • Pitch Designers
  • Home Builders,
  • Property Developers
  • Landlords
  • Manufacturers Showrooms
  • Photo Studio
  • Retailers.


Soda suite, put your virtual wolds in front of your customers. Create a place to visit. A place to explore a place present.


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