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The demand for 3D collateral is higher than ever. So making sure your models are compatible, usable & fit for purpose is paramount. Our team of highly skilled modellers use the latest scanning technology and create accurately, optimised, 3D representations of your product.

The appetite for 3D collateral continues to grow. We can offer you a greater understanding of 3D, and how you can harness its potential. We develop and understand how 3D can help businesses meet the needs of the digital age. Our team of experts specialise in 3D Strategy, 3D Modelling, CGI, Interactive 3D and Creative Marketing Packages, combining business strategy with 3D based skills so that everything we do is insightful, meaningful and results-driven.

First, we identify where your models can and will be used. Understand your customer’s requirements and the software they utilise. Not all 3D models are the same. Levels of detail (LOD), file sizes, poly counts are hugely important. Visual quality and detail help to represent your product to it’s best in all its forms.

What your customers want.

The majority of our customers would like to understand the work required and identify the key considerations to produce 3D collateral for the most popular software applications i.e pCon, Revit, software for computer-generated marketing imagery, animations & interactive content such as online configurators. Also, they may have a need to understand how their customers use their 3D collateral and to make sure the files are fit for purpose and represent the quality product portfolio.

What are the separate and individual requirements and how do they cross-pollinate or overlap departments and applications?

Model Optimisation & Quality.

+ Are your 3D models fit for purpose?
+ Do they import or export correctly?
+ Are these easy to use?

Making sure your 3D content is ready to go and is optimised effectively can make all the difference to your business and your customers. REVIT Families, FBX, 3DS Max.

Invest in your 3D models, it will make all the difference

Make sure you offer well-considered and executed 3D models, and they are in the appropriate file formats. This should be an essential part of your business.

Understand your in-house capabilities and begin to understand your customer’s requirements. Before starting, you should define and plan your 3D strategy accordingly.
Contact us today and we’ll give you the best possible start. Revit Family, pCon & CAD Creation

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