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“Over the past year, we have been working with Sam at Do Digital in the form of 1-1 sessions tailored to achieving our 3D goals. Sam has been a fundamental part in accelerating our skills and knowledge of 3Ds Max and beyond. Every training session has been insightful and valuable, zooming in on the topic planned out to achieve our 3D ambitions. Sam is great to work with, professional and has been on hand to answer any questions. We look forward to the future training sessions and seeing what is possible for our visualisation department.”


Sam Harrison & Jessica Lamb

Visualisation Designer / Milliken

Introducing our dynamic suite of commercially driven training programs and support services. After years of industry experience, we’ve recognized the critical need for organizations to have a reliable resource for staff development and project support. Our tailored training services are meticulously crafted to empower your team, enhancing their capabilities and fostering a culture of excellence, resulting in better and more consistent outcomes.

Moreover, our programs cater to the individual’s thirst for personal growth. Often, team members may feel isolated within their departments, craving a sense of belonging and continuous learning. Through our training and support services, we provide a welcoming and informative community, where staff can connect, share insights, and contribute to a broader pool of knowledge and ideas. At our core, we believe in the power of knowledge sharing and nurturing talent. Our comprehensive training programs offer opportunities for skill development across all levels, ensuring that your team is equipped with the expertise needed to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Max, VRay & Corona & cgi Principles

Our most popular course, we help you master the fundamentals when using VRay & Corona within 3D Max. We show you the basic principles that help us create stunning imagery.


We help you understand, plan and execute the very best workflow to make inspirational animations acorss a variety of genres and commercial sectors.


Revit has been a fundamental part of our workflow for several years. We help you understand the basics that make up a key part of our architectural 3d models. We also explore the world of families and BIM collaboration.

Image principles and direction

What makes a great image or visual? We help you understand the artistic principles that combine to make considered and well executed imagery.

Unreal 5

We share the key considerations for creating reliable Unreal 5 projects. From planning, workflow and technical considerations. Blueprints, lighting, raytracing, optimisation and more.

Render Farm Managment

We help you understand what it takes to run a render farm. How to harness the power of CPU based servers and nodes. Also how to utilise the latest server management software. We also help you create the perfect platform for distribution rendering and data storage.


We can help you master the art of 3d modelling and the file types required for several software applications. We help you understand low poly modelling, optimisation and more...

Adobe Suite

We help you gain a broad understanding of Adobe Suite with particular emphasis on post image and animation production.


If there is something else you'd like us to help with then just let is know. Our team of artists and creatives have a vast wealth of knowledge and we'd be more than happy to share it with you.

our 3D and creative support services, dedicated to assisting you with your day-to-day projects and navigating the commercial demands you face regularly.

For instance, if you’re a 3D artist managing real-time projects internally, we’re here to bolster your workflow. Our multidisciplinary team of commercially savvy, real-time experts can provide the expertise you need to successfully deliver Unreal Engine projects.

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