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How we improved our Unreal skills through constant learning and dedication over the past 12 months. We faced obstacles with optimism and turned failures into opportunities for growth. Our perseverance and hard work paid off, and we hope to inspire you to pursue your goals with the same determination. Dream big, work hard, and remember, every step counts towards your success!




Sept 2022

Account Manager

Hywel Glynn-Jones



Over the past year, our team has shown incredible dedication and passion in their pursuit of mastering Unreal technology. Thanks to their tireless efforts, we are delighted to announce that our skills have truly soared to new heights!

Our team has worked through countless hours of training and hands-on experience, unlocking valuable insights and knowledge and expanding our capabilities beyond measure. It has been an incredible journey filled with challenges and triumphs, and we cannot wait to see where our expertise will take us next.

Driven by our passion for what we do, we have decided to take a closer look at one of our previous projects and push its boundaries even further. With our newfound proficiency, we are delighted with the results.




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Realtime Content Creation

To fully understand how we have developed we ask Josh Bridger to explain whats changed.

With the launch of Unreal 5.0, the way in which we produce visuals was changed drastically. Gone are days of sitting around for several hours, or even days, waiting for a light bake to complete just to find imperfections where present. Now, we can get instant results at a stunning visual fidelity, and produce more realistic, higher-quality outcomes easier than ever before.

With the introduction of key features such as Lumen and Nanite, it has never been easier to create jaw-dropping scenes at a comfortable gameplay level. Lumen’s advanced lighting and reflections allow us to achieve almost fully ray-traced quality with fully dynamic global illumination. This means that we can get realistic results that offer infinite possibilities to demonstrate your ideas, spaces or products all in real-time. Our understanding of this new technology has expanded, and the results speak for themselves.

With Nanite, we can render vast amounts of geometry in real-time at 60+ fps, benefiting from Lumen and shader improvements. This means that we can display massive objects with multi-million polygons and break them down almost to a per-pixel level.

The potential for what can be achieved through our partnership with Epic/Unreal and our unwavering commitment to progress is simply incredible. We are constantly improving our features, workflows, and processes to create a seamless experience for you. Even with short timelines, we strive for excellence and to surpass your expectations with the content we deliver. Collaboration with our clients is at the core of our values. We strongly believe that an open, transparent, and collaborative process from start to finish is key to success. We pledge to exceed your expectations with the results, and we know you will be more than satisfied with the unparalleled quality we are capable of delivering. The possibilities are infinite, and we cannot wait to explore them all with you. Let’s achieve greatness together!

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