Let us evaluate your 3D models with our free model health check

Free Model Health Check

Want a free model health check?

A well-considered and strategic approach to your 3D collateral, it’s usage and its applications can open up a world of opportunity. The appetite for 3D collateral continues to grow and we can offer you a greater understanding of your 3D models and their usability.

So what does our free model evaluation include?

We take a small sample of your 3D models and give you a fully comprehensive breakdown, demonstrating their limitations and effectiveness and usability. Then we can help you to refine your 3D downloads and make them work for you.

+ Are you offering the correct file types?

+ Are they fit for purpose?

+ Do they need optimising?

+ Are they mapped correctly?

+ Are the poly counts appropriate?

The task of being able to visualise and render Thomas Lloyd furniture as realistically as possible in 3D and to enhance the customer experience online is not an easy one. We approached it with a degree of apprehension. Our fears were soon put aside. From our initial meetings, it was clear that Do Digital ‘got it’.

The whole process, from initial product and leather scans, through to accurately detailed full 360 models and configurator, was made as painless as possible by the proactive approach and professionalism of the Do Digital team.

Russel Jones, Creative Director
Thomas Lloyd

'it was clear that Do Digital ‘got it'

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