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“We used our 3D skills for the web to tell the story of this brand new homes development, while also showcasing unique elements of each home. The planning phase of this project was essential to ensure correct details and meeting client needs for use of the presentation at exhibition events. Once the storyboard was agreed upon, the modeling process began. 3D for the web requires low polygon models. Combining our expert coders’ skillsets with this technique, the results will speak for themselves.”


it has been a pleasure to work with the DO team

“We approached Do Digital with the exciting challenge of helping us promote our homes of the future. This new project, in partnership with Neath Port Talbot Council and Swansea University’s SPECIFIC Innovation & Knowledge Centre, is the first major housing development in the UK to use the ‘Active Buildings’ solar power concept.

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Active Homes Neath will consist of 16 new build homes and we wanted an informative and interactive presentation that allowed users to experience and learn about the combination of innovative technologies that will allow the homes to generate, store and release their own energy.

Their use of 3D through an interactive web experience using Web GL technology allowed us to achieve this. The result is an educational, easy to use and intuitive presentation that is great for us to use when explaining the technologies at exhibitions, conferences and most importantly to the residents who will live in the homes.

Their process of creative workshops, storyboarding and collaborations with all the companies was an efficient and professional experience. DO kept us involved and updated at every stage of the process and we are delighted with the results, it has been a pleasure to work with the DO team.”

Andrew Elliott, Pobl Group

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