Rush Residential
Hywel Glynn-Jones
Account Manager
Static, Motion, Interactive, Graphic
Imagery + Photography + Animation + 360 Tour + Website + Brochure

From Plot to Pixels

Xavier Rush of Rush Residential and HQ Hair Transplants approached Do Digital Agency to develop and create a suite of marketing content to promote a new property development. Located in the heart of Penarth, a very sought after location bordering Cardiff on the South Wales coast, the development aimed to set new standards. Offering luxurious living and well considered spaces, split across three levels and including two penthouse apartments, Windsor Gardens was designed to impress and set for Do Digital to create awe-inspiring content.

Collaborating closely with the architect and client, Do Digital identified a number of apartments to illustrate the varying sizes and types of spaces available to the buyer. Our static and interactive artists soon transformed these into digital twins, an exact replica of the yet unbuilt building, in order to capture the splendour and architecture of the Windsor Gardens concept. 


Each apartment chosen included a suite of content; imagery, animations and 360 tours. Helping any interested buyer to explore the space from the comfort of their phone, tablet or pc.     


Creating a website to promote the development, Do Digital made the Windsor Gardens property experience easily accessible. The content is simple to navigate and informative, whilst mirroring the quality and premium values offered by the design. 


Through several creative-led sessions and a thorough design process, the required content was composed, curated and refined before being added to the website and brochure. Each representing the development accurately and succinctly, offering both agent and buyer a clear and beautiful overview of the spaces available.

During the website and brochure development, the core values and branding of the development needed to remain prominent. Working together, the departments within Do Digital were able to ensure the project DNA remained consistent throughout without sacrificing any design details.

“Working with Do Digital was a real pleasure. Not only do they produce staggering work efficiently and competently but the manner in which they deliver this is second to none. All with a smile on their face too. I felt they were in complete control from beginning to end and always very happy to accommodate design changes, even adding their own input when necessary.”

The entire project was completed within 3 months, which ensured both the agent, Nexa Cardiff, and the client were able to promote the property quickly and effectively using the array of content provided by Do Digital Agency.

Do Digital Agency provided Rush Residential with a complete digital package including Image, Motion, Interactive and Graphic content. The quartet of services worked seamlessly together under one business, resulting in efficient and effective project completion. Do Digital is proud of their years of experience and commitment to delivering unparalleled service. Their excitement to collaborate and deliver projects in Wales is evident with the upcoming completion of Windsor Gardens.

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