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We realise that not every digital product is the same, so we value the architectural process.

To efficiently build 3D products, we use Agile Development methods. We work in sprints, demonstrating completed work at the end of each two-week cycle. We specialize in developing online and off-line applications through WebGL and Realtime, maintained by following robust coding practices that can be integrated into your website efficiently with minimum hassle.

Throughout our projects we carry out manual and automated testing on every sprint, ensuring individual elements meet the criteria and are signed off.

Our Project Process.

Stage One:


To identify the requirements and detail of your project we need a session with our project lead, technical expert and importantly you. We will explore the design and functionality you need for your project and understand any existing issues or barriers experienced by your team and clients we need to address. This discussion is crucial to plan and document the project clearly.

Stage two:

User Experience

The architecture for your new 3D project will follow a clear pattern to ensure the final product has good user experience high engagement levels.

We’ll design a project map and wireframes to help visualise structure, hierarchy and layout. A technical specification will also be created to describe functionality. This architecture is signed off by you before we continue.

Stage Three:

Agile Development

Our project plan is organized by priority and moved into sprint cycles. At the end of a sprint, we review, test, share, and progress.

The design and development teams work closely at this stage to ensure we fulfill the brief and provide an engaging user interface.

Stage Four:

Hand over and Deployment

As part of the scoping session, we will know and understand how you want your project delivered. We have a great deal of experience working with web developers and other experts who we can work with to deliver your product to your market

Stage Five:


We have complete confidence in the products we build, so we offer a 3 month warranty period after launch to fix any issues.

An optional monthly support contract can also be added to cover change requests and maintenance. We’re always available to discuss new features and projects.

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