Image Interactive June 3, 2019

Bug For Men

Bug for Men approached us to create an online store selling their brand new skincare and makeup range for men. Carl and his team are on a mission to break the stigma on men using makeup products.

It is crucial to communicate a brand’s story and unique selling point through visual identity and design, as well as connecting with their target audience.
The process began by researching and understanding the marketplace. It is essential that the colour palette, typography and the overall feel of the brand resonates with the target customer. Utilising our Creative and 3D Online services, we started the project by refining their branding with new packaging designs for the bottles and boxes. This provided consumers with a premium and earthy feel when they opened each product.


Creating an online presence that told the story of Bug for Men.

  • Client

    Bug For Men

  • Account Manager

    Sam Dotrice

  • Services

    CGI, Creative, 3D Online

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