Image Interactive Motion June 1, 2021

Cathedral Gardens

Cathedral Gardens are a collection of apartments and townhouses based in the heart of one of Cardiff’s most desirable locations. The development itself boasts beautiful attention to detail, contemporary design and sustainable values.

To complement and promote this prestigious development Do Digital Agency (DoDA) were tasked with providing a full marketing suite of content. This included a complete branding exercise, hoarding, website build, digital brochures and stationery.

In conjunction with developing the marketing content, DoDA also provided comprehensive visual content. This was achieved not only through the use of CGI visuals but also by harnessing the power of gaming technology. SoDA.suite allowed the user unparalleled access into the unbuilt world of architecture whilst providing unlimited marketing content.


Create a stunning and informative proposition that inspires their customer and helps to generate sales.

  • Client

  • Account Manager

    Hywel Glynn-Jones

  • Services

    CGI, Creative, Interavctive

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