Image Interactive Motion June 3, 2019

The Rise

Do Digital Agency (DoDA) were tasked with providing a new type of experience for a new type of property. ‘Be one of the eight’ meant absolutely exclusivity and expectations were on par with this. By utilizing the latest gaming technology DoDA were able to provide an experience unrivaled in the city. SoDA, a completely immersive experience that allowed the user to explore the building from the exquisite ground floor kitchen to the fifth floor private balcony with views across the cityscape. Not only can the agent take the client for an exclusive tour around the building but they can harness content during the experience. Instant imagery can be captured on site, whilst bespoke animations, configurations and lighting can be altered almost immediately for the perfect bespoke solution. In addition to SoDA and CGI imagery, DoDA’s creative team were required to harness the content provided and package this up within a website and brochure which exuded quality and commitment. Through several 1-2-1 scoping sessions, research and project appraisals the branding and marketing content were tailored to match the project requirements. Copy, location content and imagery, lifestyles and demographics were all considered on the quest for the perfect marketing package.


Create a stunning and informative proposition that inspires their customer and helps to generate sales.

  • Client

    Vanner Consulting

  • Account Manager

    Hywel Glynn-Jones

  • Services

    CGI, Creative, Interactive

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