360 Digital Showroom for flooring

Account Director  –  Hywel Glynn-Jones

Account Manager – Liam Norman


Client: Karndean

360 Tour – Community Living

  • Static; imagery 
  • Interactive; 3D strategy, 360 tour
  • Graphic; UI/UX design

The brief 

A bespoke, modular digital showroom to take the user on an immersive and informative journey. Do Digital Agency were appointed to design and develop an entire building to help illustrate the flexibility of Kardean’s flooring across several different scenes. 

Project – Karndean, Flexible Flooring

Not every project or product can have the luxury of existing in the real world. This however isn’t true in the digital world where seemingly anything is possible.

Karndean needed to showcase some of their latest products and designs whilst overcoming the challenges of not having the perfect location to do so. Do Digital were able to offer a solution that not only ensured the perfect showcase environment but also maximise exposure by creating a digital showroom. A digital showroom can be any size, shape, style or location, whilst allowing unparalleled levels of accessibility anywhere in the world at any time.

Concept 3D model development.

The journey started with the development of Kardeans unique showroom, which itself developed from a showroom to a show building. A digital environment capable of showcasing a number of flooring products and styles.

Karndean's CGI visual designed by Do Digital Agency

The digital stage provided us and Karndean with the flexibility to place cameras anywhere within the building ensuring a number of images could be extracted from one model. Developing a 3D strategy from the outset is important as this forms the basis of all major projects and allows for maximum 3D collateral.

Creating a 360 Tour needs to consider several key facets; the design and aesthetics, the user experience and engagement plus a host of other factors. Combining these successfully is the key to a great experience. 

Karndean’s experience started with a scoping session followed by several online one-to-one development sessions to ensure the project progressed correctly and efficiently. The tour needed to include several zones to illustrate the various usages of the product; from offices to living areas to gyms. Work. Live. Play.

The tour afforded Karndean absolute flexibility and the opportunity to demonstrate their flooring in a number of different scenarios. The interactive images allow the user to move between spaces using hotspots which allows the user to explore the space at their leisure moving either along a predefined route or randomly. 

The 360 images form just part of the tour. Along with the high definition imagery the tour included; information hotspots, case studies, hyperlinks and other informative features. These combine to ensure a totally immersive and informative experience that anyone can use for sales, marketing or public users.

A feature included within Do Digital tours is the ability to host an online group call. This allows the tour guide to take users through the 360 experience on a predefined route so as to control what users see and interact with. A powerful tool in the world of video conferencing.

360 Tours are built in a modular fashion which allows the experience to be modified,  or developed at any time. The ability to add a new 360 image to create a new scene ensures Karndean’s 360 experience will develop along with their product offering.

To conclude

Do Digital prides itself on delivering strategic and beautiful projects. Our experience and pedigree within the 3D and 2D environment, combined with a realistic and commercial awareness, allows us to do this.

Developing and delivering Kardeans unique online 360 Tour, enabling them to showcase their product and inspire ideas for better community living schemes, was a great success. The skillset and technology used to underpin this project was the perfect match for the requirement, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

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