We want to develop the next generation of 3D experts. We’re passionate about developing talent both externally and internally.

Our culture as a business is to carry the value of professional development through everything we do. We started the DO Academy to train people new to the sector, and develop our own staff too.

This has led to us being awarded the BiTC Cymru Responsible Business of the Year for Talent Development 2018, and we couldn’t be happier.

We know it can be challenging to move from education to employment. Because of this, we partner with university courses to deliver training lectures and offer regular work placements for students. Please contact us for further information:

[email protected]


Our Programs

Our DO Academy is made up of two parts.

Firstly, basic training for anyone, designed to develop the IMAGINARIANS of the future.

Secondly, advanced training to all permanent staff, freelancers and professionals.

Our Academy terms run over several months with around six sessions per term. It is held every other week at DO HQ from 4-7pm. Topics will range from the basics to more advanced techniques.

Here’s an example of what we may cover:

Week 1:

Basics, Max UI and modeling

Week 2:

Basic lighting and render set-up

Week 3:

Revit to Max UI workflow

Week 4:


"Before doing the academy I was really struggling to find a company that would give me any sort of professional experience, let alone a job! So, coming into a professional environment where I could develop my skills to the next level was completely invaluable, giving me the confidence and push I needed to keep on job hunting."
Heather Callaghan, 3D Artist

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