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Wain Homes: Bordesley Hall


Wain Homes


Feb 2023

Account Manager

Amelia Mansell


Bordesley Hall

Wain Homes is a supplier of homes and our 3D artists are tasked with capturing the essence of the materials used, as well as the inviting and comfortable atmosphere of a modern and relaxing development.




If you're in search of top-notch services such as CGI, home builders, interactive realtime presentations, animation, brochures, and consultation, look no further.




we don't stop at just visualizing and constructing your projects – we bring them to life with interactive realtime presentations. Through cutting-edge technology, we offer immersive experiences that go beyond static images. Step into a virtual walkthrough of your future home, interact with different design options, and witness the power of realtime rendering. Our goal is to provide you with a captivating and dynamic platform to showcase your ideas.

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