Now that you've decided to go digital, what does the process of creating a digital showroom look like

Digital Showrooms

What is a digital showroom?

Creating marketing collateral with CGI.

Now that you’ve decided to go digital what does the creative process look like? There are several considerations to creating a dynamic and useful digital studio. These stages can help you maximise the potential that your 3d space holds. Future planning can create a method of development and creation that will last.

There’s more to digital photography than meets the eye. We believe that digital photography can compete with real-world photography. As a business, we have seen a dramatic increase in CGI for marketing imagery in particular.

Stage 1


Meeting your expectations is the most fundamental part of any digital showroom. This takes planning. Aligning your imagery with your marketing goals helps to define the space, look and feel and much more. 

paralex graphic asset for our brand

Stage 2


Your digital showroom is based on real-world measurements. Scale drawings and plans will form the basis of the layouts.

Stage 3


Our digital photoshoot offers total control and the chance to experiment. Try alternative finishes, lighting, camera angles etc.

Take advantage of the technology and the power it offers. Get instant results and develop a space that can truly be crafted and developed.


paralex graphic asset for our brand

Stage 4


Taking all of the above into consideration the first draft renders can be created. It’s time to refine and craft. Try different things, camera angles, lighting, and finishes. There are no limits. 

Stage 5


Now the development process has come to the end our team can create high-resolution print-ready imagery.

Need more images? As your requirements for more content increases it’s now easier than ever to revisit the digital photoshoot.

You can send in a request for alternative colour options and continue to evolve your digital scenes. We can meet your appetite for new or alternative collateral.

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