10 benefits of using CGI photography in 2023

CGI ( Computer-generated imagery ) is becoming more and more popular and for good reasons. Here are 10 benefits of using CGI photography in 2023.

1. More cost efficient

There are more limitations on what you can do on a budget with traditional product photography. The benefits of using CGI help reduce the cost substantially. When it comes to the cost of a photoshoot we need to take into account :

  • Cost of rent of the location for the photoshoot.
  • Cost of transportation of the product before and after the shoot.
  • The cost of sample manufacturing. It also involves the number of samples needed for the shoot.
  • Photographer’s fee. This includes on-day photography + VAT+ editing fee.
  • Cost of damage of product(s) during transportation. Example damage occurred to a table. Is that table saleable after the shoot? 

All of the above cost has to be taken into consideration when planning for traditional product photography. 

As for CGI, we don’t have to be worried about all of these costs. This makes the process cheaper, faster, and more efficient.

CGI photography designed for Elevate Property Group
CGI photography designed by Do Digital Agency for Elevate Property Group

2. No limitations to creativity

When it comes to creativity, all is possible with CGI. If a client would like a more detailed extravagant lifestyle image or a simple white background, that is all possible.

Not having to worry about the logistics and the planning involved to achieve a particular setting with traditional photography, makes things go along faster and smoother. 

As part of the benefits of CGI, we can pull off any concept that the client wants. From a chocolate factory repurposing site to a beautiful property development site with luxurious apartments.

3. Time effecient

We’ve mentioned the cost but it wouldn’t be right not to mention time. The amount of time it takes to prep for a photoshoot can be very long and costly.

CGI is quicker and the end results are always jaw-dropping. The main thing that is required is the client’s concept and ideas. As soon as the CGI team receives all the information, they can start working on it.

The slides are good examples of some of the CGI we did for Elevate Property Group. Learn more about the project HERE

4. Marketing solution

CGI photography can be the marketing solution that a business is looking for. A lot of images can be created quickly with high-quality hyper-realistic visuals.

5. Very easy to customise

With CGI we don’t have to worry about getting a lot of samples ready for the shoot. There is no swapping of products, switching materials, or setting up the scene to get different scenarios for the shoot. This will be more cost-effective for clients.

CGI photography designed by Do Digital Agency| Cardiff, UK

6. Can be reuse over and over again

This is a massive bonus. The possibility of any business being able to reuse their imagery, for as long as they want.

Imagine you’re a furniture manufacturing company, once your 3D model is complete, it’s very easy to reuse that same imagery whenever it’s needed. 

This is especially beneficial if a company would like to rebrand. A great example is a company relaunching their version 2 of a product. The company won’t have to remake, ship/transport, or book for new photos to be taken. All they need to do is send over the details of what they would like to change in the previous CGI.

7. Clients have control

With CGI, clients have control of the end result because it can be very predictable. As with traditional product photography, we are not always certain of the outcome.

CGI allows the possibility of clients having control over how they would like the image to look. 

If they would like a luxurious well-detailed setting or a simple image with not much detail. Clients have a say in the artistic look of their images.

8. Promote a product earlier

Imagine being able to show a future project in detail, or sell property well before construction. Well, no need to imagine because this is possible with CGI. 

Cathedral Gardens CGI designed by Do Digital Agency
Cathedral Gardens took full advantage of our CGI services. Click on image to learn how.

9. Reuse on all digital platforms

Once a client has all their imagery ready, it is very easy to reuse them. The images can be used on all digital platforms for marketing, sales, or use as part of an e-commerce website.

10. Reuse in brochures, hoarding boards, magazines

Just like how the imagery can be used on any digital platform, it can also be used to advertise a product(s), a property, a project on any physical platform. For instance magazines, brochures, or hoarding boards.

Have a project and need CGI photography?

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